6343 - Full Mod FAT BOY 46cc / 47cc Reed Case Engine - Primal RC MT

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46/47cc reed engine for the Primal MT. You have the option to add a mounting kit and exhaust header to make it a complete package that is ready to bolt up and run. Mounting kit is required to install the 46/47cc reed engine. Our exhaust header requires use of the stock pipe. We hope to have a complete tuned pipe in the near future. 

Engine comes complete with clutch, HDA-223 carb and v-stack. Intake tract, reed valve and transfer bowls were in-house flow tested and dyno tested to produce as much power as possible. You can expect to see a massive increase in power over the stock 49cc along with a longer life. We've used high quality carbon fiber reed petals for more power and longer life then fiberglass petals.


intake port filled and 2 boost ports added

piston lightened/reshaped w/dual windows to match boost ports

all ports resurfaced

transfer port bridge knife edged

exhaust duration advanced

exhaust port widened and flowed