6326 - 12hp OBR Full Mod 46cc/47cc Engine/Mounting Kit/Pipe Combo For Losi 5ive

6326 - 12hp OBR Full Mod 46cc/47cc Engine/Mounting Kit/Pipe Combo For Losi 5ive

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Fits Losi 5ive-T 1.0 and Rovan/30 Defree North trucks that are a clone of the 1.0. If you're unsure reach out to us before ordering and send pictures or a link to the truck you have. 

DOES NOT FIT: 5ive-T 2.0, 5ive-B, DBXL, MTXL, HPI, Redcat or MCD.

This engine is now available with the option to add a +1mm stroke crankshaft to increase the displacement to 47cc. From our testing the added stroke helps with more torque and mid range power.  This engine is only available for the Losi 5ive-T 1.0 and Rovan/clone trucks. The complete kit comes with everything needed to install and run. This is a direct bolt up with no modifications required and fits under the stock cage/body without trimming. The kit includes a fully ported/modified 46cc engine, OBR pipe, Turtle Racing mounting kit, DT1 air filter and a BBRC hardened 26T pinion. The pinion will mesh perfectly with the stock 58T center drive/spur gear and the stock 19T chassis spacers.

Every cylinder is ported and then sent out for treatment that is done here in the states. The treatment helps bond the chrome plating to the cylinder and significantly strengthens it without making the plating brittle. At the same time Molybdenum Disulfide is embedded into the plating to reduce friction. The reduction in friction increases power and the life of the engine. This treatment also significantly increase the cylinders ability to retain oil. To match we also have the piston and ring treated. After the treatment we find these engines to be just as reliable as a Zenoah if not more but with longer life due to the treatment done to the top end. We are so confident in this engine's reliability that we back it with a full warranty. The warranty covers our porting, manufactures defects, plating failures but does not cover user error. Please contact us for more information on our warranty policy. This engine comes standard with a 78mm 3 shoe clutch and has a much longer life than the stock Zenoah/CY 54mm clutches that are commonly used. It also comes with a pullstart similar to the Zenoah marine EZ start with cogs. This makes the engine extremely easy to start and longer lasting than the stock Zenoah/CY pullstart's commonly used on the 23-34cc engines. We've fully ported similar to the specs of our 28.5cc - 34cc engines to enhance the power considerably over stock. We have also decked the cylinder to raise the compression. An over-sized finned flywheel is used to prevent any cooling issues.

This kit is a direct bolt up and no major modifications are required. The stock throttle linkage will need to be modified to work or we provide a new linkage rod with the kit. The Turtle Racing mounting kit is fully CNC'd from 6061 billet aluminum and is absolutely bulletproof. We've added an extra brace from the engine to the center diff to fully lock down the engine so that hard running/jumping is not an issue.

There is a lead time on this engine due to the high amount of labor that goes into porting/building as well as having the cylinder treated. If this is an issue please contact prior to ordering.

It's not shown in the picture but we have to cut out a small section of the crankcase and fan cover to clear the center drive shaft. It does not hurt the integrity of the engine what so ever. The pipe has been changed slightly from what is shown in the picture. We've move the pipe to be able to get to the carb needles easier. We have also switched from the o-ring style exhaust header to a coupler header to prevents leaks.