6324 - 9.4hp Full Mod G340RC 34cc +2mm Stroker TR/OBR Reed Case Long Block With V2 Reed Case

6324 - 9.4hp Full Mod G340RC 34cc +2mm Stroker TR/OBR Reed Case Long Block With V2 Reed Case

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All G320/340 reed engines now come with a V2 reed case as well as reed valve. The V2 case has been redesigned to produce more power and eliminate the need for a mesh mod without effecting cooling or air flow.

G320RC vs G340RC the G320 revs higher due to the smaller stroke crank and the G340 being a stroked engine has more torque.

We're proud to announce the release of our full mod G340RC reed case engine. Big thanks to Dave@Turtle Racing for all of your help making these cases. Designed similar to our current reed cases with a replaceable fan cover. We've stuffed the case and taken out as much case volume as possible to help with performance. We've also changed the geometry in the transfer bowls to flow more fuel. We've used a similar intake tract that has been proven on our dyno and flow bench to produce more power. This engine is rated at 9.4hp with a max rpm of over 20,000 on our dyno. Gearing, car/truck weight, exhaust etc will be a factor in rpm's. This engine is fully modified just like our 29.5cc and 30.5cc reed engines. We modify the transfer ports, piston, intake port, exhaust port, cut and reshape combustion chamber and change duration's to our specs as well as cut a boost port and window the piston to match. This engine has the same size exhaust port as the current 22.5cc - 30.5cc engines so a new pipe is not needed. 

G320/340RC has the following improvements over the G290RC
Larger crankcase bearings
Larger lower connecting rod bearing
Larger needle bearing
Enclosed transfer ports with removal plate

Parts that are different and not compatible with our current engines are:
Piston Pin, Bearing, Washers
Crankcase Bearings
Outer Clutch Case
Engine Cover (shroud)
Crankcase Gasket
Insulator Gasket
Cylinder Gasket
Piston Pin, C-Clips, Washers, Bearing, etc
Insulator Manifold
Large Oil Seal