1807 - Walbro Wt-1242 High Performance Carb (Standard & Bored Version)

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We're proud to announce the release of the OBR exclusive Wt-1242 carb! This is a modified (not bearing modified) carb directly from Walbro built to OBR specs! We've used nothing but the best parts and this carb comes standard with a spiral diaphragm, all teflon gaskets and an ethanol resistant primmer bulb. We've also modified the metering to deliver the fuel needed for high performance engines. No need to pull your new carb apart and change/cut metering springs. Between the primmer bulb, teflon gaskets and spiral diaphragm running fuel with ethanol is no longer a problem.  We've tested on all of our engines both piston ports and reed with great results. This carb will also run well on stock engines but it will shine on ported engines that need the extra fuel that this carb can supply.