1720 - CNC Ported Full Mod Zenoah 29.5cc 4 Bolt Long Block - Billet Crankcase

1720 - CNC Ported Full Mod Zenoah 29.5cc 4 Bolt Long Block - Billet Crankcase

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Full Mod - Our top of the line long blocks. 

The 29.5cc is a great all around performing long block and can be used for most applications. The big bore 36mm top end with a 1mm stuffed crank is a great balance of torque and rpms. 

This isn't your run of the mill quick and dirty garage port job. The staff at OBR has over 20 years combined experience tuning engines. We know how to get the job done right the first time with out breaking the bank. 

To start we machine the combustion chamber for a proper squish clearance and compression ratio. We learned a long time ago that stacking and/or using thicker  cylinder gaskets does not make power. From there the cylinder and piston are aggresively modified but not to the point where reliability and ease of use is lost. Reliability and ease of use is always our first objective when we tune an engine. Every port in the cylinder has been professionaly modified and the piston has been lightened and relieved. 


This long block fits:

Off-road Rc Cars: HPI Baja 5B/5T/5SC, MCD, Rampage, FG Marder, FG Marder Race, FG Monster Beetle, FG Monster Beetle Pro,FG MT5,FG Stadium Truck, Duratrax Firehammer, Carson Attack, Smartech Traveller,FG Leopard, XTM, Leopard Race, FG Leopard STX, FG Marder Beetle, FG Pajero and most other large scale cars.

On-road Rc Cars: MCD, FG Evo,FG Sportline, HARM,FG F-1 Competition and most other large scale onroad cars.