About Us

O’Neill Brothers Racing was founded in 2002 by Sean, Paul and Ryan O’Neill. It all began when Sean wanted a Goped to ride and worked jobs around his neighborhood until he saved up enough money to purchase one. Once in hand, Sean and Ryan wanted to figure out how to make it faster, so they disassembled it and began to work on it.

Soon, Sean and Ryan were working on Gopeds from all over the country. Sean and Ryan’s father, Paul, saw the success Sean and Ryan were having with their engine rebuilding and decided it would be good idea to make it into a business, and created O’Neill Brothers Racing. While Sean and Ryan were at school, Paul kept the business running smoothly by answering the phone and packaging orders. Eventually Paul let Sean take the reins once he graduated from school. Once the Goped business was off and running, they began making engines for pocket bikes, RC Cars and RC Boats.

Tragically and unexpectedly, Ryan passed away at the young age of 18. The business was put on hold for some time until Sean was ready to start working on the business again and live out his brother’s dream in making this business a success. Sean hired his best friend, Dan Silagy, to help him with the business and eventually gained enough success to move to their own warehouse. There, Sean & Dan worked tirelessly to come up with new ideas to make themselves an even bigger success. It was around this time that Sean’s younger brother, Joe O’Neill, began working for O’Neill Brothers Racing. Joe primarily works on getting RC Cars race ready, and can be seen racing for O’Neill Brothers Racing all over the United States.

Today, O’Neill Brothers Racing is still headquartered in Torrance, CA. O’Neill Brothers Racing has earned the reputation of being one of the most reliable engine builders out there and are known for their superb customer service and willingness to work on anything that comes their way.