1811 - Walbro Wt-1254A High Performance Carb W/ Offset Bored Venturi

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OBR was the first to release a modified Walbro carb direct from the factory and we're proud to announce the 3rd addition to our lineup the WT-1254A. As they say it's the ultimate form of flattery when your work is copied and we see that we have inspired our competition with their version of our carb! The Wt-1242A includes all possible upgrades from Walbro that are a staple in our lineup with the addition of an offset bored venturi! The bored venturi eliminates the bottleneck in choked carbs and improves flow upwards of 10% making it the best performing choked carb on the market! We recommend this carb for all of our piston port and reeds including the new larger displacement engines that are being released very soon!

All OBR exclusive carbs come standard with dust seals on both ends of the throttle shaft protected by metal shields. This prevents wear and air leaks in dusty conditions and improves the life of the carb. 

The WT-1254A features:

Offset bored venturi

Throttle shaft seals 

Spiral diaphragm with teflon gaskets

Modified metering to supply the fuel needed for an bored venturi and high performance engines

Ethanol resistant primmer bulb with HD primmer bulb plate

Redesigned umbrella seal to prevent fuel supply issues at high rpm running due to back pressure from the return line

We do no suggest this carb for stock engines due to the modification that have been done.