6282 - CNC Ported Full Mod 29.5cc TR/OBR 4 Bolt Reed Case Long Block

6282 - CNC Ported Full Mod 29.5cc TR/OBR 4 Bolt Reed Case Long Block

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This engine now comes with a TR/OBR billet crankcase at no extra cost.Every long block or engine is now CNC ported and hand finished. CNC porting and hand finishing is all done in-house by the OBR staff. We do not contract out any of our porting so every engine is modified to our exact specifications. We are able to offer higher accuracy this way as well as more power. Our CNC machine has allowed us to take our porting to the next level due to us being able to do cylinder work that is not possible to do by hand.

For the advanced user only!!!! If you're new to these engines start off with something mild like a Prostock and work your way up.

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Our newest line of methanol/nitrous oxide reeds are now available. You have the option of choosing fuel (gas/methanol) and adding nitrous oxide
. We've built a lot of fast engines over the years and this line is hands down faster than anything we've ever built.

Being full mods these engines will be fully ported just like our normal reed engines but modified to withstand methanol and nitrous oxide. There is going to be pro's and con's to running methanol. Methanol produces quite a bit more power than gas and from our testing runs about 80 degrees cooler. The big con to methanol is that the engine needs to be purged at the end of running for the day. This requires that you dump the methanol in your tank and run gas through the engine for a couple of minutes. A special shreadstack has been designed to make this as easy as possible and to allow a gas carb to be run on methanol. This stack is included when choosing the methanol version and makes running this fuel a breeze. We've perfected these engines to the point that they are easy to start, tune and purge. 

Our last option for this engine is nitrous oxide. We offer the option of having the engine modified to withstand nitrous oxide. From our extensive testing with nitrous oxide we've found modifications that greatly reduce the chance of engine failure while using nitrous oxide. Each nitrous oxide engine will come with detailed instruction on how to use nitrous oxide. There are certain rpm's etc. that will make nitrous oxide shine and not be as hard on the engine. 

This engine comes with a limited warranty. Using nitrous oxide at the wrong rpm's, too much etc will cause short engine life and will not be covered by us.